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Guide to Promotions

Currently more than 1000 online casinos are competing to attract new customers to their websites. Therefore many of these casinos are rewarding new depositing players with cash bonuses of 100 $ or more. Some even offer 10-30 $ free just for downloading their software.

Money for nothing?

Online casinos are definitely the place to go for some quick cash. Compared to real world casinos that charge you entrance fees and tips to the staff, online casinos offer you hundreds of dollars just for placing your money at the table.

How can online casinos afford this?

Online casinos have much lower overall cost than land-based casinos:

  • Online casinos do not need buildings and other physical facilities
  • Online casinos need fewer staff
  • Online marketing costs are much lower
  • And of course, you cannot just withdraw the bonus money right away – there are rules for using the promotions: You typically have to play through/wager your deposit plus your bonus a specified amount of times.

What kind of promotions are online casinos offering?

There are different types of promotions at online casinos and I will try to explain the most common ones:

  • No purchase bonus: A free bonus offered just for opening a real account and maybe registering your credit card information. You don’t need to deposit your own money to receive this kind of bonus.
  • Signup bonus: A signup bonus is the bonus you receive when making your first deposit at an online casino. This can be a match bonus where you get the exact same amount of bonus money as you deposit – eg. deposit 100 $ and get 100 $ in bonus. It can also be a percentage bonus where you get a certain percentage of your initial deposit as a bonus – eg. deposit 100 $ and get a 20 % bonus (20 $).
  • Purchase method bonus: Sometimes you get a special bonus on top of your normal signup bonus if you make a deposit at an online casino using a specific payment method like Neteller og Firepay. See the Guide to Banking for more information about the different payment methods.
  • Recurring bonus: More and more casinos are offering bonuses to existing players on a regular basis like once every week or once every month. Monthly bonuses are the most common and a good excuse to return to your favorite casino again and again.
  • Highroller bonus: If you are able to make big deposits the online casinos will reward you with some matching huge bonuses. Highroller bonuses are often percentage based, so that you will get maybe 25 % on all or first deposits of more than a fixed amount – eg. deposit more than 1000 $ and get a 25 % bonus (+250 $).

Is there no risk for me?

Of course there is. You could be a compulsive gambler :-) Statisticly you could also play at a casino where the dealer wins more than you do. Just like at other times you will experience games where you win much more than the dealer. The small 0,5 % house edge which is found in Blackjack doesn’t mean that you and the dealer wins almost equally within a given timeframe.

Also there are risks involved when interpreting the promotion terms stated by a casino. These are often deliberately difficult to understand. Be specifically aware that some games do not count towards meeting the wager requirements – these games may include barrarat, craps, roulette, sic bo or pai gow but sometimes even blackjack does not count. Such precautions are taken by the casino to avoid loosing too much money to bonus abusers. If you are in doubt of anything don’t hesitate to contact the casino for an explanation.

4 things to consider when accepting a casino promotion

Play at established casinos only. Use this site as a guideline, read the reviews made by other users and otherwise check other places on the web – like CasinoMeister.

All bonus rules and stipulations must be met, period. If the casino wants you to jump through hoops for a bonus, you have to jump through hoops. If you do not meet the bonus rules, it is likely that the casino will not pay you.

Do not deposit and then immediately withdraw your deposit when you get your bonus. You have to keep your money in the account until you meet all wagering requirement. If you withdraw before then, the casino will keep your winnings. Do not bother to even try it. The casinos audit all cash-ins.

Chargebacks against the casino are NOT acceptable. If you cannot afford to lose, then do not gamble. Players who dispute charges on their credit cards abuse the bonus system and damages the industry and the trust between casinos and players in general.