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Introduction to Online Casinos

Playing at casinos online has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. The chances of winning are as good as on real life casinos and you can play from your own living room whenever you feel like it – no dress code applies. The only difficult part of playing at an online casino is knowing which one to choose as there are more than thousands registered casinos on the Internet today.

Jacknoir.com is dedicated to helping you find what you are looking for. I have reviewed more than a hundred casinos, poker rooms and bingo sites and gathered all the necessary information for you to take your pick. Furthermore I have made it possible for the players that use this website to review the casinos as well so you don’t have to rely on my judgment alone.

To help you get started I have written a little piece of advice on what to look for when starting out at online casinos:

Things to look for
I started playing at online casinos in 2001 and have been playing on a regular basis ever since. During this period I have seen both good and bad casinos which have taught me what to look for when finding a new casino.

  1. Reliability
  2. Games
  3. Chance of winning

1. Reliability

First of all you should find out if the casino is reliable and offer a good service. I usually do this in three ways: Checking the buzz on the Internet, checking the casinos third party endorsements and finally contacting the casino myself to see how they respond:

To check the reputation of an online casino you should know where to look. I recommend using this website as a starting point (of course) because here you can see reviews from other players which is not very common. Then I would also go to casino watch dog websites like CasinoMeister and check other forums for players like the one on Winner Online.

Vegas Red

Secondly you should know that all truly reliable online casinos has an official license to operate from the government of their country of residence. This license is not always easy to find and confirm – and if it is too difficult to find it is probably because the casino is operating without a license. Look for the license seal at the main page of the casino or look in the “About” section of the casino website for some descriptions of the company behind and it’s license to operate. Another thing that gives a good indication of the reliability of the casino is whether their payouts are supervised by a third party company. Often you will find that good casinos have their payouts revised by PriceWaterHouseCoopers – the famous revision company.

Finally you should contact the casino yourself. Usually the casino has a section called “Support” or “Contact”. All respectable casinos offer customer support by telephone and email. More and more also offer the possibility of chatting live with an online representative. The amount of options offered, however, is not really a qualifying indication of reliability and good customer support. To get a clear picture you have to actually get in touch: Try sending an email with some kind of inquiry or just some words showing your interest in the casino and see how long time it takes before you receive an answer and what this answer is like. A delayed answer or an insultingly short one is a sign of arrogance and should turn on a few red lights in your warning panel.

2. Games

You probably have a favorite game or two and of course this is important when choosing an online casino. Not all casinos offer the same range of games so to save you some time Jacknoir lists all the games offered by each of the casinos on our website.

Another aspect you might want to consider is whether you are on a fast or a slow Internet connection. If you don’t want to wait for a casino program to download and be installed on your computer you might want to find casinos offering a no-download solution like a Flash or Java based version so you can start playing right away. You can see information about no-download versions on Jacknoir as well.

Finally there is quite a difference between the quality of the games at online casinos. This generally comes down to a question of the gaming software used by the online casinos. Most casinos use a licensed software instead of making their own. The gambling industry is therefore divided into fractions of more or less reliable software licensees. Generally you will be safe trusting brands like Cryptologic, Boss Media or Microgaming. But keep away from anything admitting to be associated with Unified Gaming, Gambling Federation, Real Time Gaming, Golden Palace and Clock Media. Generally speaking that is. You can read more about the different types of gaming software in the Software Guide.

3. Chance of winning

A last thing to look for is of course how big your chances are of actually winning some cash – that’s what it is all about to begin with. Online casinos – unlike real life casinos – actually offer new players free cash for registering as a new player at their casino. This cash is called a bonus or a promotion. The size of the bonus and the terms for taking advantage of it together with the general odds and payouts of the casino (see above) and your skill at the particular game you play decide your chance of winning anything on your first deposit at a casino.

Generally if a bonus is more than 50 % of the qualifying deposit amount, and if the terms says that you need to wager 10 times the (bonus + deposit) or lower the bonus offer is very attractive and you stand a good chance of winning some money. Anyway because you receive money from the casino to begin with theoretically your chances of making a profit are always better than on real life casinos. You can read more about the different kind of promotions in the Guide to Promotions Guide.